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General Dentistry

Dentist with patientNobody wants to have to deal with the hassle of oral health problems. To support you in having healthy gums and teeth, we provide a broad range of services. When it comes to general dentistry, our goal at Cannington Dental Centre is to make sure that you have fully functional teeth and a smile that you can feel good about for your lifetime.

Checkup and Cleans

Every six months, you should see us for a checkup and clean appointment. During these visits, we’ll examine each of your teeth, your gums and the soft tissues of your mouth. If there are any potential issues we identify, we can address them straightaway. You’ll also receive a thorough cleaning that makes your smile sparkle.

Children’s Dentistry

Your young ones need to have their teeth looked after, too. Just like adults, they should have regular checkups and cleanings. On occasion, they may require more specialised treatments such as a filling, fissure sealants or fluoride rinses. We can provide nearly everything your child will need on-site.

Emergency Dentistry

A chipped tooth. A filling that’s fallen out. A broken crown. Damage to your teeth, gums and cheeks can happen when you least expect it. Whether you’ve been playing sport or it happened out of nowhere, our team can assist with a dental emergency.


You don’t want to have to face losing a tooth. In certain cases, however, it may be the most appropriate course of action. We’ll advise you on all possible options. If you move forward with an extraction, you can rest assured you’ll have the procedure done gently and with you feeling fully informed.

Gum Disease Treatment

Your gums are just as important as your teeth are. They’re what holds each tooth in place, so if your gum health is compromised, it won’t be long before your teeth are, too. We can provide treatments to reverse or manage gum disease, depending on the severity of your case.

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